Personal statements!!!

New content!!! You can now find a tab in the menu which includes personal statements from real students, who have very kindly sent me their personal statements so that I can include them here.

If you would like to donate your personal statement, get in touch through the contact tab which will send a direct email to Mention your course and firm choice or the university you are studying at if you are a current student and I would be more than happy to include it on my website. I can either submit it with your name or anonymously.

I hope these example personal statements will be helpful for new UCAS applicants when they write their own. However, do not plagiarise anything from any website when you compose your own personal statement – that will not do you any good!

4 thoughts on “Personal statements!!!

  1. Hello! First of all, I feel so lucky to find your website ’cause it’s the best website for me while preparing for ıgcses (online://) I really appreciate the value of your working and your helpfulness, thank youu so much:))

    1. Hello Yilmaz!

      Thank you for visiting the website, I am very glad to hear you find it useful! Don’t be put down with classes being online; I know it’s more difficult but just keep working, I’m sure good days are ahead!


  2. Thank you soooo much really for these notes. May Allah grant you paradise and grant you endless happiness. I did good today because of u

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