About me

Welcome to my website!

I am Hasan and I am currently reading MSc Mathematical & Theoretical Physics at University of Oxford. I completed my undergraduate studies in BSc Theoretical Physics at University College London and graduated together with the class of 2020.

I am originally from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where I have completed my secondary education at TED College, obtaining 9 IGCSEs (9 A*s) and 6 A-Levels (5 A*s and 1 A). My dream is to pursue a doctoral degree and work in research either in academia or industry.

Launching this website was a long-standing project I had in mind. Although my primary vocational interest is not education, I am aware of the importance of outreach, specifically in STEM subjects. With this thought and a lot of encouragement from my former teachers, I wanted to share my notes to hopefully help my younger fellow students to achieve their dreams of becoming a scientist, engineer, mathematician or whatever they have in mind.

The website for now contains only science and maths subjects with the exception of GCSE Geography. If I can gather resources in other subjects, I will include them in the website. If you have any resources that you would like to publish here, please get in touch through the contact tab!

Good luck with your studies and university applications!