Accounting and management – Queen Mary, UoL Personal Statement by Cagri Yuksel

A survey of daily newspapers and television news anywhere in the world, on any given day, clearly demonstrates that the majority of the headlines and stories concern economic matters and they are littered with words such as profit and loss, recession and growth. In this regard, I am particularly interested in international financial accounting, marketing theory & business practice and also how consumer psychology affects any business. Therefore, I am eager to study Accounting related subjects in an undergraduate degree. 

Studying on the IFP at Queen Mary University of London provides the academic environment in which to strengthen and test my developing academic skills. During the IFP, I have studied several modules which are directly related to Accounting and Finance. In this case, Business and Management with a related Mathematics module has given me a theoretical and practical approach to thinking critically and analytically. Projects have helped me to improve my accountability, entrepreneurship and also knowledge, examining marketing theories. Moreover, my Politics module has helped provide useful social and historical context to improve decision-making in businesses. As a result, I find the bigger picture of Accounting and Finance fascinating with numerous opportunities for gaining understanding for leadership positions.

During high school, I was selected by students and the principal of my college to serve on the Honorary Board and make decisions concerning student welfare. In addition, during the 2016 Academic Year, I was The School Captain in TED Northern Cyprus College. I took my responsibilities very seriously and participated in the different meetings which helped me to gain experience in organising and decision-making. Both roles resulted in stimulating my interest in problem-solving and developed my ability to manage different situations through good communication skills.

During my holidays, I worked at a Property Management Agent in London for two weeks which improved my communication skills, later working at an Ismail & Co Solicitors gaining more knowledge about new technologies in the workplace. Not only did these experiences develop my IT skills but also, I had a golden opportunity to observe and learn about strategic management in the UK. 

I enjoy regularly reading financial publications such as ‘The Economist’ as I am keen to keep up to date with global economic news and I am fond of listening to English radio programmes to enhance my vocabulary. Camping not only makes me more responsible and sociable through this shared activity but also teaches me how to be inventive in difficult conditions. Horse riding has helped develop my sense of responsibility through working with the horses. Furthermore, acting in my high school Theatre Club taught me how to engage others through dynamic performance. As an active delegate to the Model United Nations (MUN). I enjoyed, and learned negotiation from, discussing political and economic issues as a team, improving. As a result, the MUN has improved my confidence in public speaking. I developed these skills further in two Bi-Communal Innovation Camp organized by JA Cyprus in the Buffer Zone and participation in the ‘Education for Culture of Peace Project’ of The Cypriot Civil Society sponsored by the EU. My parents and I have also been faithful members of the ‘Cancer Patient Aid Association’ benefitting ourselves from supporting patients materially and spiritually.

I am drawn to London not only because of the quality of education, but also to benefit from a vibrant and well integrated multicultural city. My studies and extra-curricular activities have vastly improved my ability to work alongside others. I am confident that the skills I have obtained on the IFP and through other experiences will support my studies on an undergraduate degree to enable me to fulfill my ambition for a career in finance.