Biomedical sciences – University College London Personal Statement by Selin Soykurt

As I stood tall on the verge of a precipice, pondering about the ceaseless feasibilities that can emerge in the light of day, the scent that was being exuded by the leaves adorning the trunk of numerous trees with discrete tints of emerald, whispered lightly the address of the dilemma composed of a myriad of queries which was the while my predominant hallmark meant to illuminate the lives of others. The response that descended from the nature itself revealed the authentic aspire of mine one more time to bolster the ambition obscured profoundly in my bones which deemed assisting the human race as the breath of life. In order to endorse my targets meet factuality I decided to ensue the path of Biomedical Science that integrates areas of modern molecular, cellular and systems biology and neuroscience that have been arousing ceaseless curiosity in my hidden depths since the early years of my childhood. Having studied biology, chemistry, physics and maths meticulously in an aura with a swift cadence has supplied me with comprehensive knowledge. Biology which is akin to art up to the hill in my eyes, has broadened the horizons of boundless sagacity even more since the dawn of men, so in lieu of regarding this lesson taught at my school solely about mechanisms subdued in the human body and the rest of the world, I opted for opening my eyes to the existence of the miracles brought forth by this form of science which in turn divulged the art concealed behind the glorification of formulas and logic. With the auspicious information I received in chemistry about 3-D shapes of molecules and notions advocating better use of finite resources, I have instigated to devote myself more intensely to the nature and envision the shapes of proteins and enzymes that play a key role in innumerable mechanisms. The fine line as resurrecting as lungfuls of cold air, delineating demise and life, has become visible for my pair of eyes in the realm of factuality, when in maths I came to realize the colossal effects of even the merest numbers on formulas escorted by handicaps mankind face with every day. Despite the fact that I adored science ever-so extremely, a desire possessed by the spirit of mine which has been conveying my intellect beyond the encumbrances of the norm has always been art. In the pursuit of eternal beauty, I have taken up drawing long since and initiated losing myself in this aspire of mine while focusing my work of art on anatomy with a mindset that revolts the sentiment of being confined to frames shunning entities to contemplate outside the box,by including a spark of surrealism in every brainchild that is called into being. Now when glancing at myself with the vision of a stranger, it is flattering to observe that no daylight can be seen between my verve and art. As I have lived and breathed around the idea that what meets the eye is not adequate to elucidate every aspect of a condition, to discover the ordeals delimiting the lives of many, I volunteered for a period of 3 months to beautify the yet inexorably intricate situations children aged from 4 to 18 were encumbered in, for they were suffering from cancer of diverse kinds. Albeit being suspended in knowledge is an opportunity with colossal accentuate, unless one looks directly in the face of desperation, knowledge engraved on her mind fails to practise. With this experience full to the brim with self-awakening emboldened me to perform the art of remaining patient and benign. With the education I am going to receive in the near future, I will take part in projects all over the world while doing a masters degree on neuroscience followed by a Phd afterwards, to put my university’s name under great success for I know the chance it gives will supply me with endless resolution in life opening the doors of renovation. Posessing the unintelligibly awe-inspiring chance of being educated in the aura of the UK awakens eternal eagerness deep in my bones since the massive diversity amongst people embraces many whist divulging nouvelle discoveries. The spellbinding architecture of the streets of the UK that sheds a light on the whole world and the sounds originating from the footsteps of many that will resonate in my heart , will also polish the perfection of the creativity inside me which is not only a necessity for aesthetics but also for the fount of inspiration lighting up the world of Biomedical Science since the areas with massive diversity in form this course covers can unravel the yet boundless unknown.