CV & Projects

My Curriculum Vitae:

Undergraduate Projects

1-) Covariant derivative of a spinor in a metric-affine space

  • 3 month summer mathematical research project in collaboration with Lodovico Scarpa under the supervision of Dr. Christian Boehmer (UCL Dept. of Maths).
  • Studied geometric properties of metric-affine spaces.
  • Worked out the covariant derivative of spinors in spaces with torsion and non-metricity.

2-) Developing Machine Learning Algorithms for text classification of open-ended questionnaire responses (BSc Group Project)

  • UCL Third Year Physics Group Project under the supervision of Prof. Paul Bartlett (UCL Dept. of Physics and Astronomy) & Dr. Kirsty Dunnett (Stockholm University).
  • Physics education research project which aimed to analyse UCL physics intake questionnaires on laboratories to better tailor laboratory training.
  • Developed a Python algorithm with 2 students and utilised deep neural networks and natural language processing techniques to automatically assort open-ended questionnaire responses into (multiple) categories giving an indication of the accuracy of the model in the report.
  • Currently working to publish the results in a physics education journal.

3-) Computational Fluid Dynamics Project

  • UCL Second Year Individual Computational Physics Project under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Guio (UCL Dept. of Physics and Astronomy).
  • Utilised computational methods to find numerical solutions to non-linear partial differential equations relating to fluid flow.
  • Plotted graphs to illustrate the fluid flow pattern and interpreted the results physically.

4-) Modelling Magnetic Field of Ganymede

  • Summer Computing Mini-Project under the supervision of Prof Nick Achilleos (UCL Dept. of Physics and Astronomy).
  • Self-taught myself MATLAB for this project, plotted the magnetic field of Ganymede using theoretical models and data from Galileo missions.