Biological Sciences – Imperial College London Personal Statement by Gunay Arcan

Flawlessness can only be observed in nature where everything is in a series and works together efficiently, having a continuous interaction with everything around us, from the simplest organisms to gravity. They are somehow connected and Natural Sciences improve our understanding of this unique system.I have always respected the three science elements, but Chemistry and Biology appeal to me more. This is why I have chosen to study Biology and Chemistry; which has led me to develop an interest in the chemical and biological aspects of life sciences. Besides my science A-level choices, Mathematics has always played a significant role in my education and since I credit sciences without mathematics as incomplete, I recently decided to take Further Maths as well. It was through those subjects and my passion in nature and its complexity that I realised how vast sciences are: There is still so much to be discovered within the obscure limits of sciences. Regarding Neuroscience as the most prospective scientific discipline, I intend to specialise in it. 

The brain; an immaculately working organ, is yet still full of mysteries. The study of the brain would be fascinating to me considering that we only have some 20,000 genes. This means there must be profound mechanisms regulating their expression to enable the highly complex functioning of the brain and its ability to change and adapt. Elucidating such mechanisms could open new avenues to understanding and treating the brain. 

Unfortunately, my uncle was diagnosed with Dementia four years ago. In today’s world, dementia is a big threat for humanity, decreasing life expectancy of millions of people affected. Observing the gradual deterioration of his conversational and social skills brought me great sorrow. Subsequently, I developed a great interest on the mechanisms of brain and the destruction of these seemingly perfect mechanisms.The future of dementia seems to be uncertain unless adult stem cells are used to generate new brain cells to replace the damaged cells. In this sense, my greatest aim after graduation is to engage in research and work on stem cell therapies and neurodegenerative disorders.My desire to study biological sciences has driven me to volunteer in a medical laboratory. Observing experts at work in real laboratory conditions, I gained invaluable hands-on experience in using sophisticated laboratory equipment. 

Being an only child, I learned to self-motivate to commit several extra-curricular activities while staying focused on my education. My representation as a folk dancer in international festivals, sail racing experience and playing table tennis in the school team have enhanced my cultural and social skills and changed my world view, providing me with teamwork and organisation skills.Living in a divided country, I feel that I have responsibilities towards improving the political climate in Cyprus to create more positive impacts for the future of my country. Therefore, I got selected to attend a bi-communal programme in 2014, in Atlanta, the USA with The Cyprus Friendship Programme. I also collected donations for “Cancer Association”, in addition to working for the Cyprus Endangered Turtle Project 2015.I aim to put these social responsibility skills into further practice by becoming an active member of University life. 

My dream is to pursue my higher education in Biological Sciences, particularly Neuroscience, at a prominent university in the UK. In conclusion, I believe that I will benefit from the high quality education and life in Britain. If I am given an opportunity to take part in this long path,I will definitely be a promising and responsible student.