Chemical Engineering – University College London by Cem Yirik

By July 2017, I will have graduated from high school ,19 Mayis Turk Maarif College. I am planning to study an undergraduate degree course in Chemical Engineering at your University.

My interest for science first started when I was 10 years old. What triggered my interest in chemistry was an experiment book for kids, which was a birthday present from my aunt . I started to perform these experiments by myself and I realized that I was having lots of fun doing so. Performing basic experiments, observing the results and learning the facts behind them made me more aware in a way that I started asking questions about every single thing, something which bored my parents. Also as a kid, I was very keen on watching the TV show called ‘Backyard Science’. In this show there were kids carrying out experiments and describing them in a fun manner so that they were easy to comprehend. This was when I started to love science. At the beginning of the academic year in 2012 when I had to make a choice between studying arts or science, I did not hesitate to go for science due to my interest for experiments and my passion for science. I have greatly enjoyed chemistry throughout my education. After all those years of studying chemistry, I noticed that I was very curious about the use of chemistry in everday life. I wondered how chemicals which we frequently use, from shampoos to detergents are manufactured. One day my aunt, who is a chemical engineer, told me what her job entailed in a factory. I visited a company called DAĞLI which manufactures cleaning products last year. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I met the head of the chemical engineering department, who gave me valuable information about the job. I was very impressed and decided this is the career I wanted to follow. All this increased my enthusiasm to study Chemical Engineering at degree level.

When I visited the UK I found that British universities are the top in the field of chemical engineering and there are many job prospects for graduates. These are the reasons why I want to study in the UK.

I am a sociable person and I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things so I try to participate in projects that are new to me. I joined Model United Nations, which is held at a private school in my hometown, twice as a delegate. We discussed troubling world issues such as plastic pollution in our oceans and nuclear waste disposal. We wrote policy statements of our countries and worked with the delegates from other countries to write a resolution for the problems. MUN helped me to improve my public speaking and team work skills.

Also I have taken part in the end-of-year school plays; this improved my time management skills. I joined a programme called Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP), which is a bi-communal program that aims to bond people and unite them in a country which is divided. I was selected to go to the USA to stay with a host family for 1 month with a friend from the other community by CFP. This was an amazing experience. Through this programme I improved my communication skills. During my stay in the USA, I voluntarily served homeless people food and I attended a workshop about conflict resolution.

I generally read books, watch movies and I like photography. Once I was awarded the second prize in a competition organised by the Gothe Institute. I have also made some attempts to write scripts, direct and record short films. I love camping and I was a member of school’s scout club.

I believe I am academically ready and personally developed enough to move to the UK to start studying for a degree. My motivation is my passion for chemical engineering along with my curious nature to pursue this degree. I hope I will be given a chance to continue to enjoy learning scientific fundamentals and applications of chemistry in production at your university as I have a great enthusiasm to succeed.