Chemistry – Kings College London Personal Statement by Sadrettin Cosaner

As once, the legendary famed scientist Carl Sagan said “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” I do believe that his vision is the core of my affection to Chemistry, as I completely agree that Chemistry is in every part of our life. More to that, even before I discovered the visions of renowned names of science, I was fascinated by Chemistry. Thanks to my exceptional teacher back in secondary school, it was mesmerizing to observe the chemical reactions in the school lab. From that moment on I was sure that, Chemistry was a medium which would take me into the unknown domain of science. Thus, as a young individual, ready to make a momentous choice now, I am accomplishing what I have been simmering since my early secondary years by choosing Chemistry as my future field of study. My ideals for the future contain hard-work and eventually being a part of a visionary group of researchers, working together for the benefit of mankind. I do believe that studying Chemistry will give me this opportunity. My goal is to become a chemist in the future in order to share my knowledge and experiences with my peers. With the current advances in technology, it is anticipated that new inventions might change the world in a positive way. I strongly aspire to be part of academic endeavours as such. I enjoy spending time in the chemistry laboratory. The idea of putting all the theoretical information you have gathered from your classes into practice is fascinating. By taking my studies to a tertiary level will give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge beyond the sentences in chemistry books. Hence, this course will pave my path towards the professional level to become a chemist. I would like to pursue my university education in England. Given that I come from a small island, what fascinates me about England is that you have easy access to ample academic, social and cultural resources. England also accommodates universities with high calibre education. Getting a globally acknowledged degree from one of these prestigious universities will bestow me with international job opportunities. A further attraction is the fact that England welcomes a rich variety of cultures which I hope to experience. By being away from my family, I will also be able to mature not only financially but socially and emotionally as well.  Last year I took part in our annual Science Fair. This was a great opportunity to share my passion for chemistry with my peers. Being part of a team was a great experience that taught me to respect each member’s contribution to a common venture. A further impetus for my choice was my job shadowing at a local hospital where I was able to observe laboratory techniques. After learning about mass spectroscopy in my chemistry class, it was academically satisfying to really understand how it worked. I was chosen to be a part of Model United Nations which took place in North Cyprus. My peers and I attended conferences and debates on chemical disposal waste and global warming. This was yet another good opportunity which required co-operation in a group work. It also added invaluable experience to my presentation skills. Over the years I was active in our school`s extra-curricular activities such as the scouting group. I was also a member of a local folk dance club. These activities helped me improve my social and leadership skills and further enrich my team work skills. I strongly believe that I am a very motivated, diligent student and have already crowned my academic work with very good results for my school and external exams. I am aware of what is expected of me at university and I know that my hard work and determination will help me overcome all the difficulties and rise to academic challenges.