Mathematics with finance and accounting – Queen Mary, UoL Personal Statement

Accounting and Finance has been of interest to me from a young age, largely thanks to my mother’s influence. My mother graduated with an MBA, and achieved a successful career as an Investment Advisor. As such she was, and still is, my role model now owning and running her own company. I learned from her that it is possible and admirable to balance a good career in an area that interests me very much. My close bond with my mother not only boosted my interest in my chosen field but her success in her business has been a great impetus on my career decision. I believe Accounting and Finance to be full of rewarding career opportunities for people regardless of background or gender. Investment service companies, brokerage firms and international financial management companies are but a few of the enterprises that provide successful, fulfilling careers in business. I have always enjoyed, not just playing with numbers, but properly understanding them. During my school years, I demonstrated very good mathematics skills that I eventually plan to use in my professional career. I believe that my best opportunity to use my knowledge and skills is in the combination of Accounting and Finance. Maths, geometry, formulae, logarithms and all other mathematical tools were always my favourite studies. Maths has never been merely a ‘ lesson’ that I studied the night before the exam. For me studying maths is something I did to find alternative methods of solving the problem. I have found this to be a beneficial strategy for my exams so far. I very much subscribe to Rene Descartes’ famous saying “With me, everything turns into mathematics.” I believe maths to be the backbone of Accounting and Finance and so a good working knowledge of maths is key for studying these courses to their fullest potential. In addition, I believe a person needs to excel not just in mathematics, but also in communication to ensure what is said is fully understood by their audience. In my school reports my teachers have always commented that I am realistic, outgoing, energetic and ambitious. I believe that these skills and characteristics are strong features of my personality which are also positive and upbeat. I try to place high importance on my self-development and positive communication skills which are encouraged within my family. As I progressed in age, I have become conscious that I am living in a rapidly evolving and developing country. It is apparent that enormous sums of money are being invested in North Cyprus currently and there is a potential solution to the Island’s forty-year division. As such, I foresee myself in a leadership role, perhaps within the government, but certainly in the development of my country’s future. Outside formal schooling I have been involved in various activities like playing the piano, tennis, volleyball, kick-boxing, ballet and ice skating. These activities taught me to be social, active, supportive and skilled in time management. Being a sociable and outgoing character has already enriched and added many benefits to my life. In year 11, I was voted school captain; a clear demonstration of my leadership skills. I represented my school at the MUNKY conference, a student UN. This enhanced my confidence in public speaking and via this activity I reaped the benefits of team work. Educated in an English medium schooling system since the nursery, I see it an apt choice to continue my university education in the UK where I will fit in naturally as I am a competent user of spoken and written English. Studying in the UK will provide an unparalleled opportunity for me both personally, and on completion of my studies, professionally in offering worldwide business opportunities in my chosen career choice. Combining my personal skills and my choice of education, I believe studying in the UK will set me up on my best possible future career pathway.