Physical Natural Sciences by Hasan Sayginel

I am eager to study both the macroscopic and microscopic realms through physical natural sciences; striving to understand the nature of the universe as described by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, while also deepening my understanding of quantum mechanics. 

My long-standing enthusiasm for physical sciences stems from the first year of secondary school when I was chosen to participate in a Space Camp in Turkey. It involved an intense curriculum, outlining the principles of aerospace technology and space exploration as well as robotics. This camp initially motivated me to consider pursuing a career in science and fuelled my interest in acquiring knowledge beyond the scope of the school curriculum. I was introduced to new concepts in the field of physics and chemistry through further reading and research at home, and have since then keenly followed the latest astronomy discoveries. 

During my high school years, I became more interested in the concept of quantum theory. This intensified after being acquainted with the wave-particle duality and the nature of light as part of my AS level physics course. The idea of ‘unlawful’ quantum particles, not obeying the conventional rules of classical mechanics, has inspired me to explore further into the subject. I found the concept of wave functions that predicts the behaviour of quantum particles most intriguing. Discovering the complex numbers, while self-studying for further mathematics 1 module, has helped me understand the challenge of complex mathematics behind the wave functions. In addition, my AS level chemistry course introduced me to the quantum mechanical model of the atom with electron clouds for the orbitals. Furthermore, the different interpretations of the quantum theory, especially the multiple-universes interpretation, discussed in the book “The Ghost in the Atom”, are very intriguing. 

The fact is that I enjoy being in a laboratory for long hours putting theoretical assumptions into practice. Therefore, I have been appointed school laboratory assistant, and as a senior year student, my responsibilities include helping the science teachers, organising and preparing experiments for lower grades as well as guiding students with their reports. I am proud of this position and its opportunities. In maintaining my passion for laboratories beyond the school border, I had a great opportunity to work part-time in a biochemistry laboratory during the summer of 2016 assisting and observing the daily tasks. I also volunteer to help younger students with their mathematics, supporting and developing their school work. 

My passion, other than science, lies with sailing where I have won several trophies in national competitions. In this endeavour, I have acquired the skills of patience, endurance and the ability to put my boat right after capsizing, as I also attempt to do in my life in cases of any setback. Furthermore, as a tournament table-tennis player I have developed my ability to work in a team whilst also honing my time-management skills as I discovered the balance between studying and training for tournaments. What is more, I have been involved in numerous inter-communal events uniting teenagers from the communities in my divided island and the most remarkable of these was the Cyprus Friendship Programme which gave me the opportunity to spend a month in the United States with a Greek Cypriot from the south of Cyprus. All the workshops I attended have helped with my communication and debating skills, particularly when I participated in the EUROSCOLA programme, where I experienced intense debating in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on subjects such as environment and renewable energy. Furthermore, I am a member of our school’s Model United Nations Club and have attended a conference in Turkey. 

I believe I have the right blend of skills, determination and interest allied to my strong academic record to successfully undertake this challenging course.